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Thursday, February 14, 2008

And Now, the Moment You've All been Waiting for...

Holy crumbs.

It's here.

I want one, and I am pretty much lost for any more words to say about this. I'll agree to research what the implications of these things becoming household items might be, just as soon as I procure one for myself to keep in my basement. For purely academic reasons.

What would Bolter and Grusin say about this?

Edit: I thought I'd add to this entry for the sake of at least saying a little of what I think. I sometimes forget that what I think is obvious about something like this might not be so obvious to everyone else.

I responded to a post on Lauren's blog, that is itself a response to this post. I'll just copy and paste my comment since it's the same as what I would have said here.

Yeah, the implications for this are really huge, and I think I'm going to look into it more for my term paper.

Though I can tell you right now that it's more complex than what you're saying here. Imagine how much this technology can contribute to training simulations, (everything from police+military, to things like sales or presentation). I think the biggest improvement for this technology will be when you can incorporate other people into the illusion, and then be able to take whole tour groups in museums back to important historical moments, re-created digitally for you to witness firsthand. Wow.

Of course, VirtuSphere used purely in an entertainment/video game setting is Escapism at its finest, but we already know that more primitive things like immersive computer games have a mix of positive and negative outcomes.

Anyway, there's a lot more to be explored and I'm pretty excited to see VirtuSphere and products like it make their way into the market.

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